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The conversation series "Counter-Memories" investigates a number of international monuments and places of remembrance whose symbolic significance often reveals a great deal about our relationship to history. The Goethe-Institutes in North America, the Goethe Pop Up Kansas City, the Thomas Mann House, and Onassis LA convene artists, activists, and intellectuals for illustrated virtual conversations around historical memory.

This episode focuses on the Levi Harrington Memorial Marker in Kansas City. Harrington was the victim of a racial terror lynching in Kansas City in 1882. To this day, efforts to create a memorial for him are met with denial and vandalism. Poet and activist Glenn North, Staci Pratt (Equal Justice Initiative, Community Remembrance Project of Missouri), and journalist Amira El Ahl discuss how to rectify a lack of recognition of lynching and racial conflict in Missouri.

Image: Left: Lynch Family by Joseph Hirsch © The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art | Right: Goethe Pop Up

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