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Create Space Guided Art Sessions Online

At the core of being human is the ability to create. Create Space facilitates a space where people can connect or reconnect with their creativity. Two South African artists, Nicolene Burger and Olivia Bevan aim to create an experience that relays the idea that playing, being present and embracing your creativity can lead to a deeper connection with yourself. Starting with an intention setting and breathing/movement meditation each Guided Art Session interprets a monthly theme such as compassion, intimacy, gratitude, vulnerability and perseverance. We explore ways of mindful art-making by interpreting space, time, body, surface, movement and medium through exercises facilitated by our teachers. The purpose of these sessions is to explore how a sense of play and cultivating creativity might be used as a tool for personal healing, encourage self-reflection and catalyze creativity in other areas of life. No level of artistic skill is required for these workshops since what is created is not of importance, but merely the act of mindful creating is the purpose. Join us for a class every Tuesday evening from 18:00-19:15 and every Thursday from11:00-12:15.

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