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Discussion with Ines Geipel on 30 years of reunification

30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification, bestselling author Ines Geipel notes: Since 2015, Germany's political coordinates have changed dramatically - especially in eastern Germany. What has made the broad acceptance of xenophobic and right-wing extremist ideas possible at all?

In her book UmkÀmpfte Zone - mein Bruder, der Osten und der Hass, Geipel follows the political myths of the newly founded GDR state, its commandments of silence, lies and its system of fear, which harshly attacked anything ideologically unsuitable. Repressed and denied things in the family correspond to the collective loss of memory. The unprocessed political past leads to the crises of the present.

Ines Geipel talks about these issues, but also about the future and the responsibility of East and West, to Christiane Lahusen, head of the literature department at the Goethe-Institut.

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