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Don't Make Sense, Make Nonsense! with Anushka Ravishankar

Writing nonsense verse is not as easy as one might think. Read the poems of masters like Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear and write some silly verse of your own with Anushka.

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About the Speaker

When Anushka Ravishankar is not finding a cure for hiccups and chasing her own tail, she writes and edits books for children, including plays and picture books in verse. She has written several successful volumes of nonsense verse for Tara, many of which have won international awards. Tiger on a Tree, also published in French, was given the Star of Excellence by the National Union of Culture and Libraries in France in 1999.

She also received a prestigious special mention in the International White Raven's Catalogue of the world's best children's books, for two years in succession.

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