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Drift in Berlin. Digital configurator of urban impressions

A user (web flaneur) arbitrarily mixes impressions – photos, videos, audio notes, urban sounds and texts – of 50 people from a single drift-walk around Germany’ capital into her own itinerary of experiences (rather than sights).

Architectural photographer and artist Denis Esakov, curator of the project, developed 10 itineraries based on Franz Hessel’s 1920’s essay. 50 participants of Eshkolot’s festival of Jewish texts and ideas "Metropolis" (Berlin, Novermber 4-7, 2019) walked these routes. The web drift consists of their impressions, combined with “points of departure” quotations from Hessel and a play by Alexey Nadzharov who composed a 20-minute musical piece out of sounds recorded by idling boulevardiers.

“We forfeited a clear structure and narrative in order to convey the chaos of impressions of a living city which does not yearn for structuring. City as a noise. It gradually starts getting clearer if one lends an ear,” explains Denis Esakov.

Online presentation and discussion of the project in Russian will be held at 7pm (Moscow time) May 19th (free of charge, registration required

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