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DRONGO language festival 2020

The DRONGO language festival is an annual festival about the impact of language. This year you can watch on demand content and also join live talkshows and webinars. Participation is for free.

On October 2 and 3 the DRONGO language festival offers around 60 sessions and activities related to language and reading. Reading leads to a better vocabulary, improving focus and concentration. Reading makes you smarter, helps you learn foreign languages, it reduces stress and improves memory. And from a social point of view, reading leads to better jobs, less debt and better public health. Reading is a central, indispensable competence to participate in society.

However, many studies show that reading is in a downward spinning curve. People simply read less and less. The role of writing and reading itself seems to be changing as well. Audio books are getting more popular by the day, cooking books, music courses and user manuals have long since been replaced by videos.

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