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Episode 1: Up To And Including Limits

The first episode in the new podcast series 'Stillness & Motion' features two conversations with artists participating in the exhibition ‘Up to and Including Limits: After Carolee Schneemann’ curated at Muzeum Susch by Sabine Breitwieser. Sabine Breitwieser speaks with Aura Rosenberg in New York and Katrina Daschner in Vienna.

Since opening in January 2019 in the remote Alpine idyll of the Swiss Engadin, the concepts of stillness and taking life at a deliberately slower pace with increased time for contemplation have been a core founding value and at the centre of each of the museum’s multi-disciplinary strands of activity. While the museum remains closed to events and visitors, the new Stillness & Motion podcast provides a vital platform for the original thinking and new creative ideas of artists and poets, choreographers and dancers, authors and critics to guide us through the current time of crisis.

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