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The European Union Film Festival Toronto, the Canadian Film Institute, and the Cinematheque in Vancouver have joined forces with the Delegation of the European Union and the embassies, consulates, and cultural institutes of the EU Member States to present the first-ever online edition of the EUFF in Canada. With Germany holding the EU Presidency, we will be opening the festival on 13 November with the Canadian premiere of Oscar winner Caroline Link's award-winning coming-of-age comedy-drama "All About Me."

“All About Me” (Germany, 2018, 100 min), directed by Caroline Link ("Nowhere in Africa"), with Julius Weckauf, Luise Heyer (“Dark"), Sönke Möhring ("Inglorious Basterds"), and others.

“All About Me” -whose German title translates as The Boy Needs Some Fresh Air- is a bittersweet origin story about Hape Kerkeling, one of Germany’s most beloved comedians and television hosts. Based on Kerkeling’s best-selling autobiography and marvellously handled by Oscar-winning director Caroline Link, 'All About Me' is an entertaining, sincere coming-of-age story about the therapeutic potential of laughter." – SIFF

With English subtitles.

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