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Exochrono of Sappho

or “the ‘palintonos harmonia’ of the universe”
by Cypriot composer Faidros Kavallaris
The composition has been inspired by the poetry of Sappho as well as by a survived fragment by Heraklitos: «... a backward-turning fitting-together (harmoniê), as of a bow and a lyre» (Heraclitus Fr.51).
In essence the work is a diptych for one or two pianists with seistron and/or other performers incorporating recitation of Sappho’s poetry. The work, which was written in 2014-2015, had its world premier in April 2021 by two internationally acclaimed excellent young pianists who came to Cyprus from Germany specially for this purpose, Danae Dörken and Kiveli Dörken. They were supported here by Maria Zitti and Efi Charalambous reciting Sappho’s poems/fragments, and “accompanied” by other participants with seistra/Cypriot idiophones, composing in all a special (composite) performance aiming at high artistic level, a particular and unique music event for Cyprus (with the two grand pianos and the other participants on stage).

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