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Foto project of the artist Alexandra Fedoruk "Shadows of th

In Ukraine start large-scale art project by Oleksandra Fedoruk “Shadows of Ancestors. I will"
In the most unexpected locations - on the ruins of ancient palaces and churches - the audience will be presented a series of works of graphic art and art photography. The project, dedicated to the preservation of national cultural heritage, is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the rich spiritual and material culture of Ukraine, feel the connection with the past and think about the future.
The author of the project - Ukrainian artist and restorer of temple painting Oleksandra Fedoruk - presents a series of female portraits created in the original author's technique, which is a masterful synthesis of different types of graphic art. The combination of a hand-made drawing with non-man-made patterns of the background of the works creates the effect of great mystery and sacredness.
The series of photographic works presents an artistic interpretation of reflections on the cultural memory and spiritual power of the family. The shadows of unforgettable ancestors, on the one hand, and the life-affirming "I will!"

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