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Fun Palace Podcast Series

Fun Palace Podcast Series

Episode 1: Future Design (in English)
Host: Bruce
Guest: Vytas Jankauskas, Jon C Flint

Both Vytas Jankauskas and Jon C Flint are designers with experiences of making domestic products that incorporate advanced technologies to reflect their impact on everyday life. In this episode, we talked about the logic behind these designs and what we could do to be more cognizant of the potential implication of technology.

Episode 2: Not-so-fun Palace (in Chinese)
Host: Bruce
Guest: Yang Jing

This episode is a bidirectional interview in which we discuss the ethics of technology investigated in Fun Palace and the imagination and reality of game.

Episode 3: Art, Hacker and the Social Ideal of Technology (in Chinese)
Host: Bruce
Guest: Tsao Yidi

Started from a recent publication titled Art Hack Practice, we talk about the working and collaborative method in the technical community, the application of hacking in art, and the social ideal and value embedded in technology.

This episode series is sponsored by Fun Palace, an exhibition addressing the ethics of technology. Curated by Bruce Bo Ding and organized by OC-LOFT. For more info:

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