Blaue Hintergrundillustration


I SAW A LAMB - experimental documentary

A lamb at any time appears gentle and fragile, representing purity. While it’s simplicity being violated, there comes ultimate tragedy. The intense incongruity created by the pandemic disrupt usual operation of the globe. It is a time for reflection of unspoken wrongness, of humans obstrusive invasion to mother nature. We could not escape the fact that human’s life is temporary. The reality of impermenance reminded me of ‘memento mori’, remember everyone’s life comes to an end. Death is a foreign concept yet it is certain in our lives. It is at the time full of doubtfulness, we chase every dream without a strand of doubt.

*‘I Saw A Lamb’ was created as an experimental documentary based on an almost archival journal of a journey during the pandemic.

Initiated by Toccata Studio, in collaboration with Paranormal String Quartet.
Supported by Goethe Institut Virtual Partner Residency Program for music.

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