Blaue Hintergrundillustration

Visual Arts | Children's programme

I-solation. Kids, draw yourselves!

A digital exhibition

Schools are closed; you are not allowed to see your best friends nor your grandparents; in some countries, children are not even allowed to go out into the streets. The pandemic has the world in its grip. Be it in China, Japan, or India, in Iran or Turkey, in Italy, Germany, or Denmark, in the USA or Mexico, suddenly people everywhere are faced with isolation. Nothing is what it used to be. How do children react to the great insecurity of the adults around them and the disturbing events that have everyone worrying? How do they see themselves in this exceptional situation? We invite all the children of the world to draw themselves. What we would like to know is: How are you? What are your thoughts and feelings? How do you live in times of major restrictions?

We asked children to draw themselves and received over 800 pictures from 43 countries and now we presented them in an online exhibition.

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