Blaue Hintergrundillustration

Theater play

inQUIZition by Mia Nikoloska

... is a dramatic text written in 2019, it has 5 characters (they are: HOST, @ suzaku271_ (24th level of the game), @ user9305 (27th level of the game) @_mir (28th level of the game), @ googlegates32 (24th level of the game). The text is 18 pages long, the play has a prologue and 2 scenes and is written in English and Macedonian. The text varies according to the structure between a movie script and a play text. The author develops dramaturgy of SMELL and ODOR. Mia is a young thorough drama researcher, she plays inventively with contents and structures; Mia creates neologisms, inspirational grammatical
coins, and creates new eloquent dramatic terms inspired by biology, technology, archeology, museology.

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