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Title: JETZT
Concept, Choreography & Dance: Richard Oberscheven
Music: Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien N°2 Ainsi Continue La Nuit Dans Ma Tête Multiple & Zeitkratzer - 500 Year Orbit

JETZT is a short film, produced, choreographed, and danced by Richard Oberscheven. The short film reflects the performer in a limited space, frame, place. His existence, his liveliness of the present, his body in time and space is watched. Moving scenes flash by as if they were memories of a certain time. Do these scenarios arise in the actual present or is it only a dream? A dream that falls into a dream. A dream observed from the outside. A dream that has never been dreamed. A trance, a moment of life. The present. JETZT.

Frankurt-based artist Richard Oberscheven produced the short film during the Covid-19 Pandemic/ quarantine. JETZT is part of the initiative promoted by Gallus Theater in Frankfurt am Main #dancevscorona.

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