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Karen Grimson talks about the role of museums after Covid-19

As soon as the quarantine began, we found ourselves in the need to activate a support plan for emerging artists.
Now we take a new step. Our first podcast works as an epochal record: we reflect on what is happening to us, the consequences of the pandemic in the art industry and how it works as an accelerator of paradigm shifts.

About the podcast:
Talks and reflections on current affairs in the world of art and creativity by Cata Greloni Pierri, Tamara Selvood and Vic Tolomei.

About this episode:
Karen Grimson lives in New York and is part of the curatorial team of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

In this episode she gives us her view of what is happening in the United States and how the pandemic is being experienced. In addition, he reflects on the impact that the Coronavirus will have on art, the need to redesign strategies and the end of the whims of museums.

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