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Korean Eoullim and Eoul Sarang for the Artisterium 13/2020

Artisterium 13/2020 online edition presents the concert of the Korean musical ensemble Eoullim (piano, guitar, cello, drums, Korean traditional instruments) and the dance group Eoul Sarang. The performance was held specifically for the Georgian audience of the Artisterium, on November 1, 2020, at Art Hall, Seoul. The concert can be watched on in the section "Guest Project".  
The project is organized by Marisori Music Institute, S. Korea, and sponsored by ARKO Korea.
The Eoullim, “the spectacular group with wonderful musicality and inspiration” was established in1986 in South Korea. The ensemble has performed all across the far East. Eoullim uses classical instruments to perform traditional Korean music as well as Jazz, pop, and folk. 

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