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LIVING ON THE MOON * Deutsch Rap meets Electro Dub Tango *

Deutsch Rap meets Electro Dub Tango.
We take Living on the Moon as a feeling in which you are open way past your comfort zone and as a result you sense a magical flow where everything seems to be perfect. Naturally and spontaneously perfect. That moment of Gravity we would like you to experience in 2020.
I like to call it natural awareness, when you follow your soul message, your natural gift. The path of awareness where you let yourself be absolutely guided by your nature and spontaneous decisions desired by your heart. Your heart is whom should determine what you love, it is in your core, then your mind will be your best guide to allow you discover and learn how to reach your dreams. We seem to think it is proven to work the other way around and we would love for the planet to be at its fullest and be as happy as it gets filled with Love and Joy to themselves, to one another, to the world.

We would love to invite you to listen to these 2 EPs. Composer, multi-instrumentalist Jimena Fama and singer Djan met in Manhattan, where they started to work on TANGO ON MARS leading then to a second EP made in Berlin this year named LIVING ON THE MOON.

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