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MARIANA AYDAR flimed by Vera Egito

MARIANA AYDAR at Casa de Francisca - filme by Vera Egito

In continuity with its new live streaming concert project, with no present audience yet, “Till the end, singing”, Casa de Francisca presents Mariana Aydar, through Vera Egito’s filmmaking perspective, cinematographic and affective curatorship by Laís Bodanzky and artistic direction by Rubens Amatto.

Mariana Aydar presents “Veia Nordestina”, bringing repertoire with her own compositions and other contemporary composers such as Isabela Moraes, Duani and Juliana Strassacapa. Back to forró, Mariana also revives classicals from the repertoire of her master and friend Dominguinhos which are part of her re-records like “Te Faço um Cafuné” and “Preciso do Teu Sorriso” besides other forró hits such as “Feira de Mangaio”, “Forró de Xenhenhém” and “Frevo Mulher”. Mariana is accompanied by Cosme Vieira on the accordion, Feeh Silva on zabumba, Bruno Marques on MPC and SPD, Rafa Moraes on electric guitar, and Magno Vito on bass and synth bass.

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