Blaue Hintergrundillustration

Performance | Discussion | Dance | Film

MOVING ISOLATION - a digital dance and music project

Movement together with thoughts and debates are presented as a sort of artistic diary reflecting the lock-down caused by Covid-19.

Dancing is movement, meeting is movement, solidarity is movement - living is movement. But how can one move in a time of isolation?

Since Covid-19, we are facing challenges never experienced before. Now, participants from all around the world stuck in isolation and quarantine, instantly meet online, in order to find other ways to support each other, other ways to reach out.

The urge to express the thoughts this isolation brought upon us resulted in a first gathering and a 4-min videoclip now available to watch. The April episode will be followed by a May episode, soon to be released. We meet “separately” and move “together” proposing a dialogue and an exchange about the unexperienced, unwanted situation. We are all artists who was forced to deal with new regulation rules, advice, feelings, thoughts, and fears caused by the virus and its consequences, now looked in, in small digital squares, on a flat screen. But like this we can keep create and move in times of isolation and we hope to move and inspire others too.

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