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NADIRAH - Faith, Family, Football (Malaysia/Singapore)

The story is of NADIRAH, a young Malay Muslim university student living in Singapore, whose mother, Sahirah, a Chinese Muslim convert and divorcee, wants to remarry. The man in question however is Robert, a Christian. Nadirah who is open-minded and liberal in her desire to have interfaith dialogue at her university suddenly finds herself unable to accept an interfaith marriage. Nadirah, her family and her friends are forced to look at their own beliefs - secular and religious - and try to understand and argue for what is important to them.

In a multiethnic, multicultural society how do we negotiate our different beliefs?

During this time of heightened misunderstanding about Islam, Christianity and secularism, NADIRAH goes past the headlines and political rhetoric to ask questions about love, faith, family and football.

Screening at different international time zones for a limited run.

Languages: In Malay and English with English and Malay subtitles. Japanese subtitles are also available.

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