Blaue Hintergrundillustration



Moderator and Rakarsa-member Yori Papilaya and facilitator Ardhana Riswarie (art teacher & researcher, ITB) open NGOPI #1 to review the collective artistic raison d'être in Bandung from the actors’ perspective. With artist and Omnispace-founder Erwin Windu Pranata and art teacher and ITB-researcher Kiki Rizky Soetisna P. as the initiators of the discussion, this session will touch on several collective practices in Bandung based on Kiki's findings in the process of her dissertation research on the impact of socio-cultural revelations on artistic processes in Bandung. Is the collective art practice in Bandung a collection of various personal strategies? Is there a "common goal" in collective (art) practices in Bandung? This discussion also seeks to find other trends in collective artistics, creative and activist practices in Bandung.

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