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Visual Arts

Open Desktop

This video selection brings together works by the resident artists of Pivô Research’s first cycle. The program was carried out entirely on the Internet, between March 23 and June 8, 2020. In the context of wrapping the cycle, three fronts for presenting the resident artists’ works were organized: in addition to this video program, the digital publication Caderno Remoto with unpublished works and interventions, and the Open Desktop event, a series of live presentations that take place between June 3rd and 5th on an experimental platform specially developed to meet the specificities of the artists’ works. In a broad sense, the closure of this cycle of remote residences contemplates the process covered by resident artists, and also provides, through technological resources, unprecedented presentation formats designed for the internet.

Participating artists: Ana Matheus Abbade, Eduardo Cardoso Amato, Gabriela Godoi, Helô Sanvoy, Livia Paola Gorresio, Maria Noujaim, Pedro Hurpia, Pedro Zylbersztajn, Walter Solon and Wisrah Villefort.

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