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OurDigitalFuture:Advancing Digital Health for a Saver Future

Within the project 'Our Digital Future - C'est ICI', realized by the Goethe-Institut Montreal, ThinkYoung and CJE NDG and funded by the European Union, the organizers start their speaker series.
Experts from Europe and Canada discuss in a one hour panel discussion how to make the digital future more inclusive, always targeting a specific topic.
Technology in the health sector is rapidly becoming a solution in dealing with today’s global circumstances, especially with the Coronavirus pandemic ever persisting. Tele health, digital blood samples, and digital results are all examples that the public health sector are using to make healthcare more accessible.
How can the public health sector in Europe and Canada ensure that the digital health initiatives do not exclude low income households, people living in rural areas, or minorities? How can technology be beneficial in the age of Coronavirus? What can both continents learn from each other?

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