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Pop-Kultur 2020

Pop-Kultur is an international festival hosted by Musicboard Berlin GmbH, taking place for the sixth time in 2020 between the 26th and the 28th of August. The festival will be held in the digital realm for the first time. The new website will represent the venue:

LINE-UP 2020:
SESSIONS by 24/7 Diva Heaven, Eat Lipstick, Isolation Berlin, MADANII & LLUCID, Mavi Phoenix, The Düsseldorf Düsterboys, The Notwist COMMISSIONED WORKS by Ace Mahbaz, CATNAPP, Chikiss, hackedepicciotto, King Khan, Preach, Rafael-Evitan Grombelka
COMMISSIONED WORKS DIGITAL: Galouchë Galore, Jammerpunk, Pop-Kultur Fanfaren
DIGITAL WORKS by 21 Downbeat, Cartel Madras, Eden Derso, Evija Vēbere, Hendrik Otremba, Jessy Lanza, JOJO ABOT, Mueran Humanos, Noga Erez, SADO OPERA, Super Besse, Theodora, Wanlov The Kubolor (FOKN Bois), Yugen Blakrok

Furthermore talks, a film screening and digital residencies will happen.

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