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Prog Rock Grooves: Jaki Liebezeit & the Nature of Rhythm

Jaki Liebezeit is best known for his drumming with influential German avant-garde band Can, sculpting their transcendent grooves. He also forged long term creative relationships playing & writing with hundreds of other renowned musicians & composers. Perhaps most importantly, during his 60 year journey at the vanguard of contemporary music, he uncovered the basic musical & ergonomic principles underlying rhythm.
These are ancient, borderless ideas whose time has come...they liberate drumming, and rhythm, from the traditional Western strait-jackets of bars and time signatures. This show owes its musical structure to these ideas and rules which Jaki uncovered and developed alongside Drums Off Chaos and Burnt Friedman.The piece is called "110-22".
This show pays homage to one of the great musical innovators of the late 20th Century and beyond. His elegant, insistent grooves are owed a great debt by much of contemporary popular music, from techno to Kanye West, and his continuing influence in Germany ranges from Bernd-Alois Zimmermann to Burnt Friedman, and from Joachim Witt to Klaus Dinger to Michael Rother.

With Bryan O’Connell, Stephen Shannon, Matthew Nolan, Seán Mac Erlaine.

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