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QuaRANTine Choir: Minneapolis Edition

A Series of Audio Performances for Cell Phones
QuaRANTine Choir is a growing compilation of commissioned audio works by an international group of artists from various backgrounds. It is dedicated to the rant as an artistic format, motivated by feminist and queer perspectives. The first edition that ran from June 2nd, 2020, to August 4th, 2020, functioned as a scattered yet collective choir, that was delayed only by time and distance.
For the Minneapolis Edition, a broad group of artists, musicians, activists, and poets is invited to individually reflect on current events in and outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul.
The ten participating artists are asked to play around with whatever ranting and queer/feminist noise means to them and to create a short audio work. Cell phones or other mobile devices serve as recording as well as listening devices. Since each rant departs from the previous rant, the whole series also works as a slowed-down artistic chain reaction.

Starting Tuesday, September 1st, 2020, one new episode of the series will be published weekly on Soundcloud.

Artists Minneapolis Edition: Andrea Jenkins, Maria Isa, Cameron Downey, Ifrah Mansour, Sarah Petersen, Kimberly Bra

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