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Resonance of the Mughal Court

One of the most majestic Indian melody Raag 'Darbari Kanada' is improvised in traditional Dhrupad style Alap, Jodh & Jhala format on the SARODE.

A short note about Raag Darbari Kanada:
This magnificent Raag was created by the 16th Century music genius Mian Tansen at the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar. This Raag is considered very effective in easing tension. This Raag said to be also effective for insomnia, cures headaches, asthma, hysteria, soothes the turbulent mind, and restores peace and harmony.

A short note about Alap, Jodh & Jhala:
The slow and gradual movement and development of melody without a metered tempo. It is like a prayer or meditation.

The track is a recording of a live performance in Russia in 2015. Please enjoy and kindly share your experience afterward.

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