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Revisiting Orientalism

Berlin based artist Andréas Lang has created a video exhibition on the multi-layered topic of orientalism for which he researched in the Caucasus, Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East. In doing so, he contrasts historical orientalistic pictures with contemporary impressions. For the work ′′ The New Atlantis ′′ (Dubai 2019) he has juxtaposed a video sequence from the construction site of the new hotel Royal Atlantis in Dubai with the painting ′′ Promenade du Harem ′′ by Jean Louis Gerome (1850) The video sequence starts shortly before sunrise. 🌅

The project was commissioned by Goethe-Zentrum in Azerbaijan and is inspired by Lang's residency at the Kulturakademie Tarabya / Tarabya Kültür Akademisi (Istanbul). It can be seen online first. Physical exhibitions in Baku, Tbilisi and Erewan will follow.
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