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Sound of X: Listen Closely

How can we reconnect with the spaces we live in, especially in the wake of the corona pandemic, which has forced people all over the world into isolation? Musicians and artists of Sound of X propose answers: using sounds, noises and acoustics as the basis for their urban re-imaginations, they have explored their sonic environment. The resulting video soundscapes offer a unique way to reconnect with the cities we live in.

We are constantly immersed in the soundscape of our urban environment; sometimes louder, sometimes softer, but ever present in its uniqueness. What is noise? What is sound? And how can we listen in a different way? These are some of the questions the artists from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Medan, Sydney, Manila and other cities explore in Sound of X. Bird song merges with the clatter of a mailbox. Bubbling and sizzling street woks join the beat of an electronic soundtrack. A bike ride becomes a visual exploration of a city, winding through the messy traffic and the cacophony of noises.

Nine videos from Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand mark the start of the Sound of X project, now available at

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