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Virtual Premiere North America

Documentary directed by Julian Brimmers and Benjamin Westermann
Germany, 2019, 100 min.

20 years after the release of their iconic debut 'Unter Tage', RAG (Ruhrpott AG ) take stock. With only two records, MC Aphroe, Pahel and Galla as well as DJ and producer Mr. Wiz --two of them white, two of them Black German artists-- left their mark on the first German rap boom of the 90s. Two decades later, the documentary follows the former band members from the deepest Ruhr Valley to Washington D.C. and New York, documents their first gigs after 15 years, and lets them tackle home, belonging, and fame. Companions like Jan Delay, Kool Savas, Marteria, Curse, Die Kassierer, and many more have their say. The film title is a reference to the Gil Scott-Heron classic "We Almost Lost Detroit".

A film about one of the first German hip-hop bands that never made the leap into the collective consciousness, about friendship, underground art scenes, hope and disappointment in post-industrial West Germany, spanning the last three decades.

With English subtitles.

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