Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Sustainability, Democracy and the Arts Part II

Image by Arko Datto

The Ganges Delta spans Bangladesh and West Bengal and is the world's largest delta. Currently, three-fourths of the delta is at risk due to human-induced climate change. In his project, “Shunyo Raja,” the photographer Arko Datto documents the inhabitants of this ever-changing environment. The documentary film "From the River" focuses on the Atrato River in Colombia, which the country's constitutional court granted rights in 2017. Conceived by five Colombian filmmakers under Marta Andreu's guidance, this creative collective documentary explores how nature can be approached and filmed as subject rather than object. In this panel, Datto and Andreu talk with Frederic Hanusch, Boris Jokić and Maya El Khalil about the role art can play in the discussion about climate change.

With Arko Datto (Artist, Curator and Educator, Kolkata), Marta Andreu (Lecturer, Consultant and Filmmaker, Barcelona), Frederic Hanusch (Scientific Coordinator, Panel on Planetary Thinking, University of Giessen), Boris Jokić (Social Scientist, Institute for Social Research Zagreb/ NECE Advisory Board) & Maya El Khalil (Independent Curator, Oxford).

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