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Take Me to the River: Curator-led Tour & Talk

All over the world, cultural professionals, artists, architects and designers are grappling with the effects of climate change whilst actively involving their communities. Their work opens up creative spaces that raise awareness of changes in our environment and develop possible solutions to counter the climate crisis. Some of these perspectives are now being shown in the Goethe-Institut and the Prince Claus Fund’s multimedia exhibition “Take Me to the River”, curated by Maya El Khalil.
The selected works from Egypt, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Congo and other countries include film, photography, VR video, audio-visual archives and community radio. Maya El Khalil offers a guided tour through the online exhibition and talks with Bertan Selim about the concept of the exhibition and its impact.

The exhibition is available online at:

Maya El Khalil is an independent curator and cultural advisor based in Oxford.

Bertan Selim is head of programmes at the Prince Claus Fund in Amsterdam.

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