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Tallinn Art Hall’s virtual exhibitions

The Tallinn Art Hall has created a unique digital exhibition format that offers top visual quality and a realistic spatial experience. Enjoy!


Mihkel Ilus & Paul Kuimet "Endless Story"
The duo exhibition of Mihkel Ilus and Paul Kuimet, “Endless Story” will be opened in Tallinn Art Hall on 7 March, bringing together two artists whose work is united by their dedication to the material and their creative intensity, which is most clearly expressed in their fascination with their chosen media and techniques. Together they look at the invisible systems that drive our world, which despite the passing of time, remain or are reborn in an almost unchanged form. The curator of the exhibition is Siim Preiman.

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Ede Raadik "The Best You Can Ever Be"

Estonian, Estonian Sign Language, English, Russian

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