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Tank? It is a site-specific sound work

Tank? It is a site-specific sound work by the Argentine composer Pablo Bachmann for three percussionists and quadraphonic electroacoustic support. This sound proposal addresses the axis of spatiality, acoustic qualities and timbral inquiry that can refer to the place.

Qu4tro Spatiumn was born to amalgamate the sonic concerns of colleagues seeking experimentation in the timbre and space. They produce collaborative works like “Junkyards” for drums with accessories, quadraphonic electroacoustic support and vj video. “Inunda2 de abril” for timpani, quadraphonic and video support. It is made up of:

Pablo Bachmann: composer and director.
Omar Farías, Sergio Yraita, Sebastián Piatti and Francisco Ratti: percussionists and composers.

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