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The Art of Cartoon Making: a stroke-by-stroke guide with Jay


Who are your favourite cartoon characters? What are the various styles of making cartoons? What is the history of cartoons and how has it evolved over the years? Who are the famous cartoonists of the world?

On all Saturdays, beginning July 11th through August 1st. Don't miss this hands-on training on how to draw cartoons with ace cartoonist Jayanto Banerjee.

To participate, click on The Registration is valid for all the four sessions.

About the Author

Jayanto Banerjee, who signs off as Jayanto, is a cartoonist and illustrator. He created the character of the singing donkey Gardhab Das with his cartoonist brother Neelabh Banerjee for the Indian children's magazine Target.

Jayanto has a rich and varied experience in drawing cartoons to depict politics, business, technology issues in India today as well as comic strips for children. His work starts with traditional pen/brush and ink, which he then scans, colorizes and finishes digitally.

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