Blaue Hintergrundillustration


The Artist as Consultant

From July 2020, E-WERK Luckenwalde will present The Artist as Consultant: a digital
conversation platform which aims to contribute to the restructuring of a top-down art
world system. This programme invites artists to personally consult and hold culture
accountable for deep-rooted systemic injustice and outmoded practices in our industry.

Today, the inaugural programme plans for The Artist as Consultant are revealed. Each
episode will invite a contemporary artist to consult on themes which are pertinent
to 2020, but also key tenets of E-WERK’s mission and vision, such as autonomy,
sustainability and responsibility in arts making, the climate emergency and a fairer,
more democratic art market.

Artists will lead all the conversations and ideas proposed in each episode, joined by
another cultural practitioner, policy maker, thinker or writer. Each episode will be an
attempt to re-centre artists and their ideas of how the cultural industry should be run.

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