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The breeze of Monsoon

In this track, the beautiful Indian monsoon melody Raag 'Desh Malhar' is improvised in traditional Dhrupad style Alap, Jodh & Jhala format on the majestic instrument SARODE. The music itself will tell you the rest. Please enjoy and kindly share your experience afterward.

A short note about Raag Desh Malhar:
It is an effective Raag for world peace. The power of this Raag is incredible. It cures mental illness, soothes the turbulent mind, and restores peace and harmony. If rendered with total devotion for a stipulated period, it can even cure mental disorders said to be beyond the scope of medical treatment.

A short note about Alap, Jodh & Jhala:
The slow and gradual movement and development of melody without a metered tempo. It is like a prayer or meditation.

The track is a recording of a live concert in India in 2017.

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