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"The Colours of Clouds" - opera by Rasmus Puur

The opera "The Colours of Clouds" by Rasmus Puur, based on Jaan Kruusvall’s play of the same name, is now available on the website of the Estonian National Broadcasting.

Libretto by Laur Lomper, dramaturgy by Kristiina Jalasto and Mehis Pihla

The idea of the opera is based on Jaan Kruusvall’s play “Pilvede värvid” (“The Colours of Clouds”, 1983), which is about the fleeing of Estonians from their home country in the whirlwind of the events of World War II. The time, however, is not important in the case of leaving Estonia – people left during the war, they fled from the Soviet occupation, and are still migrating abroad in large numbers today, in the era of independence. The story of one family mirrors those of many Estonian families in the period of 1987–1993. The opera inquires whom the independence of Estonia was restored for if everyone now desires to move abroad. Why do caring and unity vanish so quickly to be replaced by the “everyone for themselves” principle?

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