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The Yoram Loewenstein Acting Studio Proudly Presents:
The Lost Women of Troy
By Hanoch Levin

A brilliant adaptation of Euripides tragedy "The Trojan Women" by Israel's greatest playwright, Hanoch Levin, directed by Yair Sherman, winner of this year's Golden Hedgehog Award for best director.
The Trojan War, history's greatest epos in, began with the kidnapping of Helena, the most beautiful of all women from the Greeks, and ends with the conquest of Troy.
On this fateful day, the women of Troy try to save themselves and their children from the cruel fate of death and slavery, and confront the winning side in a moral dilemma.
A play about war, envy and the power of women.

Play: Hanoch Levin
Director: Yair Sherman
Music: Eldad Lidor
Live Music: Dor Harari
Vocal Guidance: Oded Gadir
Set: Barak Gaon
Lighting: Nadav Barnea
Costumes: Yair Sherman

Performed by class of 2018:
Lidor Edri
Iramar Eliyahu
Doron Brokman
Pini Gueta
May Gariany
Dor Harari
Ran Jacobian
Tomer Machloof
Ofir Martin
Shiran Nachum
Michal Uziel
Noam Arad
Shir Popovich
Kobi Perry
Lena Fraifeld
Yonatan Kugler
Lihi Kornowski

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