Blaue Hintergrundillustration


These hard-on times (are weird)

An interactive nano series that you can watch on Every Friday a new episode is released and it’s the audience who decides how the story continues.
Chile is an awfully sick country, but not because of the virus but because of human condition…
These hard-on times are weird tells the story of a character’s everyday life locked up at home under national quarantine.
The series is a work that reveals our worries, discontents and profound wishes that arise in today’s global situation.
Situations, stories and thoughts are told through the lens of social distancing and quarantine to show how us, humans, behave during times of forced loneliness.
The COVID19 pandemic has forced our lives to change deeply: all businesses, schools and social institutions have been closed. Quarantine has been ordained and all forms of entertainment or art that congregates more than a few has been shut down. This is why, in an effort to create a friendlier environment for people in quarantine and for themselves, Javiera Mendoza, Rafael de la Reguera and Max Donoso have come up with this experiment.

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