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TOUCH - A Dance Piece in 13 Trailers

TOUCH is a multidisciplinary performance between movement, sound and video that deals with the meaning of touch.

The contact of living beings or objects with each other is not only a general prerequisite for biological life and material existence; as a form of interpersonal communication it is also a central regulator for our physical and emotional well-being.
TOUCH transfers this idea of physical exchange to a single body and, in an environment of growing individualism and increasing virtuality, explores the necessity and possibilities of touching oneself.

On a spikey orange dot, surrounded by the frequencies of a thereminist and associative video-visuals, a solo dancer aims for a climax and conclusion by giving and receiving touch in a physical and symbolic way.

As the third part of the trilogy CONTINUE, which was developed in 2018, TOUCH was supposed to be premiered on 18.04.2020 at the theaterimballsaal Bonn and was planned to tour in Malaysia in July 2020. 13 trailers are shown online as a digital format of the work and will be part of future live performances as well.

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