Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Translating Visual Dramaturgy - The modern on stage

Architecture can be an inspiring cosmos for the theater. It shapes the living space, nobody can elude their charisma and effect, everyone has to be in a relationship. For example, the architecture of the last century, the architecture of modernity, which still predominantly characterizes our present living space, requires a consciousness from its inhabitant as a prerequisite for its contentment. It sets the recognition of the only right form of each thing against the diversity of the past. So began the search for the naturally common of all. But unfortunately, this common exists only in the most elementary needs. The architects make this existential reduction, this abstraction of everyday life an aesthetic creed. Everything else was too much, so bad. The right solution, the unified became the ideal, indeed the ideology of the new era. Their form, which presupposed a new awareness of everyday things, naturally required the new user, who then, unfortunately, could only be the old person. The new is deliberately exhibited by this architecture, the users themselves become an exhibit. In the foreground stands the staging of the new life in its presentable excerpts.

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