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The Zafraan Ensemble celebrates its 10th anniversary!

In a series of ten chamber concerts, the history of Berlin from the 1910s to today is told as a musical one. Each of the evenings represents a decade, with a work premiered in Berlin during that decade forming the programmatic trigger.

The third concert in the series highlights the loss of home in the 1930s, when everything was falling apart. One minute Berlin is listening to a world premiere of the world-famous Stravinsky, the next everything is different. Many leave, some go into themselves, and 'arranging' takes on a meaning outside the musical. Paul Dessau's Suite, composed in 1935, is not premiered until 1989, which is when we hear the remaining movements. Rudolf Wagner-R├ęgeny comes through in this way and does not remain unwounded. Paul Hindemith has many pupils everywhere and yet does not establish a tradition. The record for the most pupils, however, is still held by one composer: Carl Orff.

Presentation: Mark Scheibe

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The 1940s: Masterclass quartet on 28 March 2021 at 17h
The 1950s: Borderlines/Life Splinters on 11 April 2021 at 17h

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