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UA IV.Die 1940er: Meisterklassenquartett

Zafraan Ensemble celebrates its 10th anniversary !

In a series of ten chamber concerts, the history of Berlin from the 1910s to today is told as a musical one. Each of the evenings represents a decade, with a work premiered in Berlin during that decade forming the programmatic trigger.

Perhaps "Auferstanden aus Ruinen" is the best known, if not most performed, work by a 20th century
New Music composer, and as befits German anthems, it is heard here as a string quartet. The
Hochschule für Musik in East Berlin was named after its composer, Hanns Eisler. He held his master
class at the Akademie der Künste Ost, as did Paul-Heinz Dittrich, who was a master student of Eisler
and Blacher and later chaired a master class himself, as did Ruth Zechlin, who in turn was a student
of Dessau. This could go on forever. Incidentally, Hanns Eisler remained an Austrian citizen until his

Presentation: Mark Scheibe

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