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UA V.Die 1950er: Grenzlinien/Lebenssplitter

The Zafraan Ensemble celebrates its 10th anniversary!

In a series of ten chamber concerts, the history of Berlin from the 1910s to today is told as a musical one. Each of the evenings represents a decade, with a work premiered in Berlin during that decade forming the programmatic trigger.

History can be told through anecdotal details, music history even more so, and here both coincide. In
1959, the East German composer Friedrich Goldmann took part in a composition seminar given by
Stockhausen at the Darmstadt Summer Courses. The mutual enthusiasm prompted Stockhausen to
personally invite Goldmann to Darmstadt in 1961 and 1962. However, the SED put a stop to the trips.
An exchange of letters, a pen-pal friendship between the two of them developed, which is exemplary
for many ties between East and West. Goldmann himself became an important teacher whose
students, including Charlotte Seither, are legion and legend. Thus this biography carries in its details
the sadness of division as well as the (re)solution after the fall of the Wall, the lines and the splinters.

Presentation: Mark Scheibe

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