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Online Exhibition


On August 9, 2020, the Goethe-Institut USA launched a digitally modified version of the exhibition Queer as German Folk – a global initiative meant to outline the current state of discourse on queer emancipation. The exhibition is now accessible on

Queer as German Folk was originally launched in 2019 as an “exhibition on-demand” coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. The project puts a spotlight on the transatlantic dialogue between civil society LGBTIQ+ actors, discussing the adjusting historical perspectives, and questioning the dominance of the traditional cis-male narrative.

Queer As German Folk was developed in coordination with the Schwules Museum Berlin (SMU), led by Birgit Bosold from the curatorial team of the Homosexualität_en exhibition and the management team of the Schwules Museum Berlin (SMU) as the curatorial director and Carina Klugbauer, also from the SMU, serving as the co-curator.

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