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Theater play

Virtual scenic reading of “Ar-f-ar”

The playwrights Aldri Anunciação, Diego Araúja, Jhonny Salaberg, Maria Shu and Mônica Santana present the result of their joint work on an unpublished theatre text in the form of a stage reading. The text was written live and publicly in a digital archive during one month under the current conditions of social isolation. The work entitled Ar-f-ar was created as part of the Sala de Dramaturgia Virtual Brasil, a project of the Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia in partnership with the platform Melanina Digital. The Virtual Dramaturgy Room Brazil began on 8th April with a video conference in which the five authors* discussed themes, arguments and mottoes for the text. The group then worked online in a digital file available at, which allows anyone interested to follow the writing of the play as it takes place.

Playwrights: Diego Pinheiro, Aldri Anunciação, Mônica Santana, Maria Shu und Jhonny Salaberg (alle aus Brasilien)
Ensemble: Márcia Lima, Lais Machado, Filipe Ramos, Marina Esteves und Caboclo de Cobre (alle aus Brasilien)

(English subtitles are available for this film. Please activate captions on YouTube.)

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