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Watch more TV!

Copenhagen Architecture Festival's website has been hacked by some very nice hackers giving you access to a rather fancy selection of TV-flicks concerning Architecture and Health, Architecture and Politics, Architecture and Economy, Suburbia, The Countryside, Housing the Non-Human and much more by acclaimed thinkers, practitioners, activists such as

Rem Koolhaas - Niklas Maak - Donna Haraway - Arno Brandlhuber - Diann Bauer - Sandra Bartoli - Deane Simpson - Christopher Roth - J.G. Ballard - John Berger and many more.

Every week the website will host a new program being announced every Friday until the end of May. Only flow TV! No streaming!

Have a look

The project is kindly supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Goethe-Institut. The project is part of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year 2020 - a comprehensive and collaborative initiative of the German Federal Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut, celebrating and developing the decades-long relationship grounded in common values and interests, setting an international example of peaceful coexistence in the 21st Century. See more here:

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