Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Wim Wenders, Desperado

Director: Campino, Eric Friedler, Germany, 2020, 2 hours
In German with English subtitles

As part of Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Paris, Texas. Wings of Desire. The American Friend, and so many more. Eric Friedler and Campino take us behind the scenes of these and other classics in their documentary that travels back over the career of Wim Wenders, one of the most multifaceted artists of our times. The celebrated German director — who’s also renowned as a producer, photographer and author — comments on each of his works, reviewing the decisions he made and the locations he chose as a host of actors, colleagues and friends attest to his rich legacy. A passionate journey into the mind of a man who Francis Ford Coppola describes as “honest and personal,” just like his films.

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